Friday, September 17, 2010

The Story Begin

Everybody need friends.
People whom we can communicated with.
But who can consider as friends?
Friends whom we spend time at the coffee shop?
Friend whom we work with?
Friends whom we hang out with?
School friends or our childhood friends
There no prejudice
No difference
And no competition.
Until one day when we open up our eyes
And realize that the world is not as it seems.
It's not problem to make friends nowadays.
We don't have to leave our homes.
We don't even have to leave our seats.
We just need to sit in front of the computer and hit some key on the keyboard.
We have some thing in common, it does matter if we don't agree of thing.
It does not matter if we don't know each other.
We have to accept the risk as friendship is one journey which is full of certainties.
We continue the journey in our search for friends and companion to fill the emptiness,
without realize that they are right in front of us.
Waiting for us find each other.
Only time can tell the direction of a friendship.
A written in letter receive from friends near or far,
we move from one piece to another,
bringing along sweet memories.
And hope which want to share.
Like speck of dust blowing in the wind,
search for certainties and direction for our future.

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